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We are a fully registered and insured family business specialising in weddings, maternity, and family portraiture. We are based in Aberdeen, Scotland, and are more than happy to travel throughout Scotland and abroad to be a part of your special day. We offer a variety of competitive packages, whether at a location of your choice, or in a studio. 


I like stories - especially love stories. This is why I do wedding and family photography : to tell a heartfelt love story using beautiful imagery. I enjoy capturing the tenderness, the excitement, the love, the joy, that only your wedding day offers.

There is nothing more fulfilling as a photographer than capturing honest emotion : the smallest of glimpses, the happiest of laughters, the most joyful of tears. The opportunity to witness and immortalise true happiness makes it the best job in the world ☺.


My approach is candid, unobtrusive, natural, and relaxed. I capture your precious moments throughout the day to tell your story. You won’t have to pose, or even know I’m there. One of my goals is to help you relax and feel at ease on your day.  

Everyone is unique. My promise to you is to allow your uniqueness, and the uniqueness of your experience, to shine through in photographs you can cherish in the years to come. I will capture your most natural and romantic moments on your best day. 


I was lucky to grow up with a dark room in our house. My dad shot and developed all my childhood photographs and slides. I can't imagine going through life without being able to immortalise moments and places. I have over 18 years of photographic experience, and I hold professional accreditations from The Guild of Professional Photographers, The Royal Photographic Society, and The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.  

I have lived and worked in Eastern Europe, Canada, the United States, and the UK. I'm fluent in 3 languages, and can ask for food and directions in a handful of others. In the past, I was an Infantryman in the Black Watch, a downhill ski racer and instructor, I built and programmed robots for DARPA & NASA projects, and designed equipment for the oil & gas industry.


I love all food, especially cured meats and everything pork. I will never say no to Asian cuisine. I enjoy snow, hot sauce (mmmm, Sriracha!), classic British comedy, and DIY home renovations (I even enjoy redoing the plumbing and laying flooring). I'm particularly fond of red and green. I like brogues, stripey socks and tops, tweed, and 50s fashions. I'm grateful I have neighbours who tolerate my learning to play the accordion. I love travelling, adventure, and many kinds of literature, music, film and art. I draw my inspiration from all of them, and I strive to share my passion with those around me.

In addition to social photography, I keep busy with more relaxing photo projects: fashion and editorial, night and long exposure, steel wool and fire spinning, landscape, sporting events, concert, travel, urbex, iPhone LEGO, macro, and time-lapse photography. 

Recent Accomplishments

  • The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Credit (CPAGB) 
  • The Royal Photographic Society Associate (ARPS)
  • The Guild of Professional Photographers Qualification (QGPP)
  • Scottish International Salon of Photography exhibition prints (2015, 2014)



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 "You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

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